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When you are planning for the next trip, there are several aspects to take into consideration. You will find several hotels online and book there without any difficulty. A hotel is a very important part of your trip because you spend important time on your trip to it. A good hotel experience can make your trip best and a bad hotel experience can make your trip worst. At the time of your booking, you have to be aware of the hotels' best deals and amenities that they are offering you, and make your trip more comfortable.

1. Book Online

Book Hotel With Holaji

Throughout the years, the internet has changed the way people use computers and communicate today. Many Internet terms have become part of people's everyday life. By the turn of the century, including access to the Internet, will be the basis for personal, economic, and political advancement. One of the most important usages of the internet is to buy products and services online. Hotel booking service is also one of the best services that are preferred now in days. Now, travelers give a break to their offline travel agents and discover the multiple perks and tremendous savings that come with online bookings. Here are some reasons to book hotel rooms online using the best Indian online travel portal named Holaji.

A large number of Hotels

Holaji offers you a large number of inventories of hotel rooms. This may possible that your favorite hotel room shows "full" on the hotel's website. But you still find that hotel room on Holaji. Here, you can find your best hotel room with amazing deals. You can book your desired hotel room without any trouble and booking will be 100% genuine.

Discount Rates

Special offers on Hotel Booking

Online travel websites offer several discounts and deals from time to time for promotional purposes or in any festival season. Offline travel agents may or may not give any discount on your hotel bookings. But with online bookings, users can get heavy discount rates. The best way to avail good deals with Holaji is to sign up on the website and then search your hotel room. You can get the best discount price for your bookings.

Show Available Rooms only

One of the difficulties users often face when they are scheduling a booking request for a hotel room. Other online users are also searching for the same hotel room. Hotel rooms booked quickly in online portals. But, in some online websites, the booked hotels are still shown in the user searches. This may possible that booked hotel room can book again from another user. Holaji update hotel booking details frequently. So, users can't book one hotel room multiple times. Only offered (free) hotel rooms are shown. a user only finds the real availability of hotel rooms. That is why Holaji is a more trustworthy portal than others.

100% genuine booking

At the time of offline booking, the customer has to depend on travel agents. But if he/she will book online, then He/she only has to book that room by himself/herself. In Holaji, the only genuine result is shown. The user has to find his/her desired room and pay for that room only. All bookings are 100% genuine on Holaji. That way, it is one of the trustworthy travel portals of India.

Zero Cancellation Charges

Sometimes, the user book a hotel room but after that he/she feels, that he/she should go to another hotel room. Offline he/she can't do that but online, he/she can cancel on the room. The best part of online booking is if the user cancels bookings within some period then his/her cancellations will be free. He/she doesn't have to pay any charges for this. Holaji also provides Zero cancellation chargers (TnC apply).

Special Deals

Online portals offer special discounts or deals on every booking. The user just has to sign up on the website and subscribe there. So, he/she will know the best discount offers on any website. Holaji also provides incredible deals for their users. Users can book online and save more money with us.

2. Write down the address of your accommodation before travel

Once the user books his/her desired hotel room online. He/she has to write down the proper address of the hotel. Because it may possible that he/she doesn't know that address. This may be his/her first visit. Most of the travelers don't know the place, where they plan to visit. If, a person writes down the address of his/her accommodation. Just like many other online portals Holaji also shows the proper address of each hotel. He can find that easier. A person can show that address to anybody and the local persons of that place will help his/her to reach there.

3. Pricing strategy to make the most of every hotel booking

Prices are up on the peak on on-seasons and down in the off-season. The earlier person books the hotel room, the prices will be cheaper than the last time. Hotel rooms booking more expensive at the last minute instead of a long-time period. But in some cases, if any other person will cancel his / her hotel room, then the hotel can offer such room on a discount price to overcome their loss. Not every time, hotel rooms are cheap at last minute bookings. The user has to book before eleven to twelve-day earlier. So, he/she will get better hotel deals from Holaji as well as the hotel.

4. Solid Toiletries are the Best

Solid toiletries are the new craze in the beauty world and not just for environmentalists. So, if you aren't sure what the fuss is all about, here are the top reasons you should make the switch to solid toiletries!

Solid Toiletries are made of natural ingredients only

Most of the solid toiletries are made of natural ingredients. No chemicals are added to it. That's why they are very kind to your skin and hair and also great for using while camping or traveling in areas with poor water treatment systems. They are very easy to use while traveling.

They can be plastic-free

Almost all the solid toiletries are plastic-free. The bathroom is one of the biggest areas for plastic bottle use. And if you want to reduce the usage of the plastic bottle then you must have to switch on solid toiletries, because most of the solid toiletries are sell in paper or cardboard packaging.

Solid Toiletries last longer

Solid toiletries are last longer than the liquid ones. One bar of body soap isn't the same as one bottle of liquid body wash. Soap can use almost three times more than any liquid. This varies between brands and products but solid products are concentrated as they hold no water so 100g of soap will last you a lot longer than 100ml of body wash.

Great for travel

They are great for travel because they last so long and also very easy to carry in your backpack/luggage. They can be stored in a small Tupperware container and keep them in your travel bag.

Take up less space

Whether you are using a backpack or big luggage, solid toiletries are the best for travel. They occupy a very small space in your bag and at the same time, they are very good for you. One of the most useful solutions for space-saving is to cut them in half and only keep half in the travel case and the other half stored in the bathroom cupboard or shared with anybody. You can use a hot knife to cut the solid bar and make them more compact.

5. Wear flip-flops in the hostel showers

Hotel rooms are used by other visitors too. They also use the washroom and take a shower there. But not everybody has a healthy body. When someone takes shower barefoot, then other persons' organs might react to your body. That's why, for keeping yourself healthy, you have to wear flip-flops while taking a shower in a hostel or hotel room. For a better experience, search hotels online and find the best hotel for you. Holaji offers the best hotel deals on such amazing prices.

So, what makes for good shower shoes?

Wearing shower shoes may be a smart plan whenever you’re not showering within the comfort of your house. In this case, shower only means to clean yourself and shower shoes are the best option to protect yourself from any disease. Here are five things you should look for in a shower shoe, and brand or style you later decide upon.

Water resistance

Your shower shoes should be water resistance. This is a very common thing to keep in mind, but you will surprise to know that most people forgetting this when they go for buying their shower shoes. People purchase cloth accents shower shoes that will take more than a few minutes to dry and even when they dry off and used regularly, they become stiff and uncomfortable to wear. A good shower shoe should be water resistance from toe to heel and made with a harder material that dries off quickly and easily.


While taking a shower, the floor becomes too slippery because some soap dropped on it unknowingly. That's why shower shoes should be slip resistance that will be supposed to protect you. So, whenever you purchase your shower shoes, keep in mind that they must be slip-resistant.

Ease of care

This is quite natural that while taking shower, shower shoes may come in the contact of any stray bacteria, so your shower shoes should be able to wipe with an antibacterial wipe. This will care for you from any reaction.


If the shoes are too tight or loose that will make you feel uncomfortable. Nobody likes those kinds of shoes that are using as regularly as shower shoes. So, only purchase that shower shoes that fit you properly and are comfortable to walk and don't pinch.


Every person needs to wear flip-flops almost daily and are very necessary for everyday life. So, you have to purchase a good pair of shower shoes, so that they will stay last long. A good shower shoe should be durable. Cheap shower shoes can break in the shower and harm your foot. The best shower shoes are those that are designed and crafted for daily wear and made with a material that dries soon. So, while purchasing a pair of shower shoes, next time, you have to keep in mind above given five things must.

In nutshell, a good hotel selection can make your trip super special. So, book after researching some hotels' information.

6. Bank related travel tips

Bank Cards are the most important part of your travel. That makes your travel comfortable and easy. A traveler always has to know about below given things related to bank cards that are necessary while traveling.

Responsible Credit Card Use

Many of us abuse them but it is quite beneficial. However, contrary to popular belief, if you can use the plastic responsibly, you're much better off paying with a credit card than with a debit card and keeping cash transactions to a minimum. There are many benefits to using a credit card at the time of travel. For example, Credit Cards offer you signup Bonuses, Rewards, and Points, Cash Back, Safety, Insurance, Grace Period, and Universal Acceptance. Details of these are given below:

Credit Cards offer you Bonuses, Rewards, Cash Back and Points

When you will have sign-up with any Credit Card, it will offer you a certain kind of bonus that will be in the form of cashback, miles, or points. You can use them while making transactions and save a handsome amount of money. Credit Cards also offer some special rewards or bonuses from time to time that will help you to save more money by using it.

Keep Vendors Honest

It also helps to Keep Vendors Honest, which means if somebody has cheated with you, then you can dispute the charge with the help of a credit card and get your money back.


The use of a Credit Card is as secure just like a Debit Card or any other electronic wallet. They make secure payments. But, if the user doesn't share Credit Card details with anybody, only then he can enjoy the benefits of it.


Most of the Credit Cards come with many consumer protections that are even known by the consumer himself/herself. Travel insurance is one of that insurance, it is very useful for those who are going to travel because it offers Trip Cancellation or Interruption Coverage, Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage, Short-Term Medical and Major Medical Coverage, Accidental Death and Flight Accident Coverage, Purchasing Travel Insurance, etc.

Grace Period

The grace period is the time during which users of credit card allowed to pay your credit card bill without paying interest on the bill. According to the Credit Card Act of 2009, Credit Card issuers have grace periods, they must last at least 21 days. This period applies only to new purchases.

Universal Acceptance

While traveling, not all payments may be done by debit card only. In the case of, Rental car or hotel room booking credit card is more preferable than a debit card, because the credit card is easier to charge customers for any damage done to a room or a car. So, Credit cards are universally acceptable.

Take an extra bank card and credit card with you while traveling

Money plays an important role, whenever you are on travel. You have to pay for all the things from meals to accommodation. Always take cash with you is not possible. You can take Debit Card or Credit card with you instead of cash. Whenever you need money while traveling, you can go to any international ATM and get some cash from there. But it may happen that any card is not working, or out of your command. That's why always carry extra credit or debit card with you. So, if your one card is not working then you always have a second option.

Banks also set a cash withdrawal limit for every card. Now if you are outside of your country and you need more money than your card's per day limit, then what will you do. In this case, you will not have any option except one that you will wait for the next day and you will withdraw money after one day. But if you have an extra card with you, you can use your second card at that time and your all expenses can be done on the same day. You don't have to wait for the next day. That's why an extra bank card is always a good option to take on travel.

How to Create a Travel Budget with the help of a Debit Card

This is common sense to carry a debit card with you for all your international transactions if you are going to travel. In most of the countries, Debit Card still makes sense and thinks better than a credit card. At some places, only cash is accepted (like street vendors and local market shopkeepers). Remote Hostels and many restaurants in developing countries don't accept credit cards (which is how debit cards are viewed in many places), so the debit card is very necessary for traveling.

Additionally, it's good to keep your cash at separate places like some cash in your backpack, some in your daypack, some in your pocket, and some in your shoe. When you have missed your luggage anywhere or snatched it by someone. At that time, you will have back-up cash that you can use to get yourself some food and accommodation while you find a way to contact your bank or family for help.

Confirm to use no-fee bank cards

Almost all international bank cards charge for withdrawing money. You have to be aware of this. To avoid bank fees, there are plenty of prepaid debit card options to choose from. You must use any master's Debit Card or Visa Debit Card. With the usage of these cards, you should prevent yourself from vain money deductions. But your card should have above given options such as Flexible ways to spend and pay bills, Minimal or no monthly fees, Free direct deposit, Retail networks or online connections, widely accepted, Ability to send money to friends and family online or via a mobile device, Free cash withdrawal, and Fraud protection. They are explained below:

Flexible ways to pay bills

At the time of traveling, you always need to pay bills by using Bank Card, which may be a credit card or debit card. For all transactions, you always have to depend on your Bank Card. So, always keep in mind that your card has to use for multiple times in a day and you have to face flexible ways to spend money.

Minimal or no monthly fees

Remember one thing that you always have to make payments through your Bank Card. If you have to pay a fee for your card, then you have to deduct that fee at every time of using that card. This means a big amount of money will be deducted from the bank card with the name of the withdrawal fees of the Card. This will not good for you anymore. So, always use that card on your travel that will have a no cash withdrawal or deposit charges, or have minimal charges of that usage.

Free direct deposit

Traveling time, this is not necessary that you always have sufficient balance in your account. You may have to deposit from any other account or you can use an online method to deposit money in your account. Always use that bank and methods that can deposit money without any extra fee.

Retail networks or online connections

You always make payments through your Bank Cards whenever you travel. Being a traveler, you have to check that your bank should be universally acceptable and have online connections, only then you can make payments with them.

Widely Accepted

Always confirm your bank for your travel. They will attach some important protections that will be helpful for you on your travel. You also have to tell your bank that will your card accepted by any big or small agency or not. If not, then your bank will help you with doing so.

Fraud protection

You need to notify your bank that you are going to travel and give them a copy of your itinerary so that they will able to know where, and when your card is using. They will add attach security with your card, which means whenever the bank finds that your card has been stolen and used by any other person, then they will automatically block your card. Every card provides CCV number and PIN that will protect you from any fraud.

Let your bank recognize that you will be traveling

You have packed your suitcase and ready to go for your trip. You are done with your all formalities related to the trip. But one most important thing that you have forgotten is to notify your bank about your travel. By doing so, the bank will provide you some travel-related services that will secure your transactions and protects you from any fraud. Banks do everything that they can to protect their clients from identity theft. When the client tells its bank that he/she will be going away, the banks add a record to their clients’ accounts and share it with their fraud detection system. By doing so, no other person can use your card without taking your permission and if somebody tries then your card will automatically be blocked by the bank.

How to inform your bank of your travel

If you are already using online banking, you will get a travel notice there. You only have to enter your destination and length of your travel in the form. If you have got multiple countries on your itinerary, you can also write that in the form. Every bank has some different styles of working. But online banking procedures almost the same for all or we can say, there is only a little difference in online banking. Better will be to know the travel policies of your bank first and then fill the form accordingly.

Bank Cards are a very essential part of travel. In nutshell, you always be careful about the usage of your card every time. Holaji keeps your card related services private so that nobody can misuse your card or personal information.

7. Online Booking Tips

Book Hotel Book Flight Book Holiday Package

Pre-book your tickets to attractions

This is the most important tip for traveling. You travel is for visiting famous places and the world's attractions. Now, if you are going to visit any country and you never get its famous places tickets after reaching there. That will spoil your mood completely. That's why always prepare for these things. Better will be, to pre-book your tickets to your desired attractions. So, you will never miss any place to visit while traveling. Some more benefits of this are given below:

Seats are sure to book

Always book before the due date, so that you will get your desired seats to visit the places. For example, if you want to visit Burj Khalifa, then you have to pre-book your ticket before your journey to Dubai. So, you will never miss the most important visiting place on your travel.

The price is locked in

You will get a fixed price whenever you pre-book your tickets to attractions. And when you buy those tickets on the same day then prices can be shuffled and you have to buy them a little expensive. So, be smart and always pre-book your tickets.

Pre-book many tickets

When you will pre-book your tickets, you will get many seats or several varieties on the ticket of the same place. You can choose according to your convenience. This is the best part of pre-booking your tickets.

A smart traveler never wants to miss the famous attraction of that place in which he travels. He always prepared for all the obstacles that can occur on his/her trip. So, he always pre-books the tickets for his/her desired visiting places, before tickets are sold out.

Sign up for flight deals

flights are the best way to travel from one place to another. It will save your energy and time both. Now in days, many flights booking sites are available online that offers can offer you the best flights on cheap prices. To get cheap flight deals are as important as finding the right place to visit the trip, the best backpack, or the right destination.

Many sites offer various types of discounts and offer to book flights. Holaji is one of the best search engines that offer the best discounts through promo codes to its users. Users can avail them and book flights on cheaper prices than any other website.

The best way to get discounts is to sign-up on Holaji, so that you will able to find amazing discounts on it. You can also subscribe to Holaji. With the help of subscription, the user will get all future offers and deals of this site. He/she can book flights or hotels on the best prices by using that deals.

Book your tickets online

In twenty-first-century, almost every business has converted into E-Business and the internet is the main foundation of those businesses. The airline is one of those businesses, that are fully dependent on the internet. All flight reservation system is determined by internet only. It provides an online platform for travelers to book their tickets online with few clicks only. It saves precious time for travelers and helps them to choose the right flight for travel.

Travelers just have to choose the best site according to their convenience and book tickets from there. He/she can compare prices from different sites for the same route or the user can also compare the prices from different flights for the same route through Holaji and then book as per his/her requirements. The best thing about this system is that it automatically gives you a list of options when the user entered details in the portal. This platform is opened for every type of Airline Company such as small, medium or large airlines. That's why each company launch different kinds of offers and deals to attract users. This is the primary advantage of online bookings that users will get the best deals on their bookings without doing extra efforts.


  • Available for both Domestic as well as International Airlines
  • Book tickets easily
  • Saves both money and time
  • Mobile availability
  • Provides every information about a flight
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Send automated tickets to the customers by mail
  • Easy cancellation and refund policies

Users can book flights for domestic as well as international flights from anywhere and at any time. Holaji is one of the contributors to the growth of the airline and travel industry. It provides every update for airline companies as well as flights.

Earlier people have to visit the airline's centers and wait for hours in the queue. Or they have to book tickets on the phone, there also they have to wait for minutes to complete the booking process. But now the user can book his/her ticket within few seconds only by entering the time and location of the destination. It's so easy now to book flight tickets.

It's very easy to cancel the tickets if any user wants to re-schedule or cancel his/her travel. With a single click on the cancellation button in Holaji user can cancel the booking and refund will be transferred directly in the user's account.

Book flights 2-3 months in advance to get the best price

Flight prices always go up and down as per the case of availability of seats. Last-minute tickets are always more expensive than other days. Tickets might be cheaper while planning a trip and prices go up at the time of booking. This can be frustrated by the traveler. But knowing when to buy your tickets will make you the master of travel. Some important factors will help you to buy the best flights at cheap prices.

In an annual airfare study, "The price of a flight changes on average every 4 or 5 days". which means booking of flights depends on timing. The tickets before 2-3 months of the flight are cheaper than other days. So, the smart trick is to book your tickets before 2- 3 months before your travel. Now there is a possibility that flights may delay or cancel. You will get all the information related to delay or cancellation. If the airline notifies you later than 14 days before departure, then you can claim for compensation. For this, you can follow the compensation calculator. For getting the best price of flights, you need to know when to book plane tickets and other policies (claim, cancellation, or refund) of the flight.

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