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Top 10 Destination for Adventure Trip in INDIA



India is blessed with most of the tourist destination. It also has the proud of having one of the seven wonders The Taj Mahal.  You could find anything from pilgrimage to something mythical to wildlife. Travelling in India is like having a vast experience of religion and culture. Nowadays, even thrill has become the most trending. Adventure trips are the topmost choice of Indian as well as international tourist. If you an adventure lover, we will list the top destination where you can experience the most exotic adventurous places. The list will tell a different kind of destination which includes skydiving, scuba diving, hot air ballooning, rafting, caving, etc.


It is a village in Himachal Pradesh situated close to Palampur. It’s noted for monasteries and meditation. It’s far-famed for paragliding and camping. It is the perfect spot to do paragliding. When you will visit the site, you will see the hypnotic visual of Paragliders within the air. The weather in BIR Billing is perfect for diving in the air. When you will arrive there, you may find various paragliding spots. You need to take care of the perfect guide with you, as it is a dangerous sport.

bir billing paragliding



It is a town situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh, INDIA. It is presents besides the banks of the River Ganga. It is a non-secular place principally noted primarily noted as a heavenly city. It is known as the YOGA capital of India. You could go rafting, jumping from cliffs. Rishikesh offers many experiences for adventure lovers.  You could go for rafting, surfing, cliff jumping, camping, bungee jumping. It is the place which blends of spirituality and adventure. Neergarh waterfall is the best adventure spot. This is often noted for hiking.

rishikesh rafting jumping camping



It is a state located in the west of India. It is chiefly noted for its deserts and mountains. It has really stunning history of kings, from Rana Pratap to Rana Sanga. The main focus when anyone reaches Rajasthan is to go see the forts. Adventure in Rajasthan will include the thrilling experience of hot air ballooning, gliding. Rajasthan is also known for its aerial zip line ride. You see the actual picture from the top of the city. It would be a great experience for adventure lovers.

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rajasthan air ballooning gliding



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Manali is a town located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is a high altitude Himalayan town. It is famous for a thrilling adventure like skiing, paragliding, jumping off a cliff, etc.  There is a River BEAS which is famous for river rafting. Anyone could go for Biking, cycling expeditions too. There is a Solang valley in the Manali region, which is famous for skiing. It is the valley of mesmerizing visual of snow-covered mountains. It offers a wide variety of adventure. Manali is a famous hiking, skiing, paragliding, river rafting.

manali skiing



Gulmarg is a city, otherwise, you may say a hill station that is found within the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a town close to Srinagar, situated within the Pir Panjal region of western Himalayas. Kashmir is also considered as heaven on earth. It is famous for skiing, bike riding, bonfire, snow-boarding, etc. It is a region that is roofed with snow. The most effective time to examine the beauty of those mountains would be within the month of December and January. Your eyes would awe-struck with the sweetness of these stunning mountains. You could go for the bonfire, snow-boarding, skiing, hiking in the heaven of Kashmir.

gulmarg snow boarding


6. GOA

It is the union territory on the west of the coastal line of India. It is famous for its oceans. Almost half of its land share border with the Arabian Sea. It has its own beauty of water. It has really amazing visuals of the sea. You could have a great experience in scuba diving, snorkelling, jet ski etc. It is more famous for its water sports. Goa is known for such as a scuba diving, snorkelling, boating, etc. You could experience the life underwater by scuba diving, this would be an excellent adventure. There is a Mandovi river in which you could go for white water rafting.

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goa jet ski ride



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It is the island that is located in the south-east of India. It is covered by Bay of Bengal from all the sides. This would be a great adventure for water sports lovers as this provides the most variety of water sports. You could experience the beauty of the deep blue sea. This will have the best experience diving in those wonders. You will explore life underwater. You could also go to jet-ski, surfing, snorkelling, etc.

scuba diving andaman nicobar



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It is the state located in the western coastal line of India below Goa. Kerala is a blend of sports activities and mountaineering. You could enjoy both types of adventure water as well as of mountains. There are presents mountain ranges known as the Western Ghats which would let you do bungee jumping, zip line, trekking, bonfire. You could see the visuals of those mesmerizing mountains. Whereas, on the other hand, could enjoy fancy water life too. You could go for a cruise in the river, para-sailing in the water. This would be an incredible experience. You’ll conjointly choose scuba diving, jet ski, etc.

kerala trekking



We have been missing the beauty of eastern India. Eastern India has the most of those exotic mountains ranges. Any adventure will have a great time in those mountains. One could go for mountaineering, trekking, hiking. The most amazing thriller would be caving in those dark caves. It has Gharo, Khasi, Jaintia hill which have many caves underneath them. There are many caves namely Krem Dam, Krem Lymput, Mawsmai Caves, krem Lubon, krem Umthloo and many more. It would be the most exciting and thrilling journey exploring the caves.




It is the most thriller-cum-horrifying trek located in the state of Uttrakhand. As one will move forward, will find different skeletons. This would be the most thrilling adventure for big-hearted ones. This would be a horrifying experience. Anyone finding skeleton at some intervals would make a person terrified. It would be like walking with the dead experience. It has snow-capped mountains laden with snow. The white beauty will leave you mesmerized.

roopkund trekking



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