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7 breathtaking waterfalls in the world

7 breathtaking waterfalls sights 


Nature is a gift to all human beings. You should always spend some time to see the real side of what your mother earth has gifted you. This would be really amazing to see the beauty of frozen glaciers, those steep mountains, those colorful valleys, the shining blue waters, the sunset, greenery of trees, etc. we are in a time where all human being are destroying nature around themselves. Involvement in technologies and development in science is definitely helping mankind, but it’s destroying millions of natural beauty. Other species have to bear damage caused to the world.

One should always preserve the natural beauty in its real form and should always take some precautionary measures to decrease global warming and pollution.

Describing in words the real mesmerizing beauty of falling waters is nothing as compared to experiencing them in real. Waterfall sights will give you a calm, soothing and refreshing experience to your mind. Nothing could be more zestful then hearing the voice of water striking the mother earth. We have listed some of the most famous waterfalls in the world.


       1. Dudhsagar falls

It falls, reckoned as the sea of milk. It is located in the Mandovi River in the union territory Goa. It forms the border of Karnataka and Goa. Monsoon season witnesses the heavy rainfall, increasing the speed of waterfall. It is about  60 km from Panaji. You would see the splendid beauty of the water falling from the high altitude of Western Ghats. It is present between Mollem National park and Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary. To reach the falls, there would be two routes. One is the point to trek from kulem, and the second would be through the railway track. The climatic of this area is mainly of heavy rainfall and it’s better to hire a guide who would help you with life jackets other necessary precautions to be taken. The best time to visit this waterfall would in October and November when the monsoon season is over.


dudhsagar falls


      2. Niagara falls

 It is a group of three waterfalls, found in the Canadian city of Ontario. Three different falls namely horseshoe falls, American falls and bridal veil. The largest of three is the horseshoe falls, which is present on one side of the Niagara fall. It is present right between the international border of us and Canada. It is the largest and most famous waterfalls in the world. To see the beauty of these divine-like waterfalls, you must go to this place. The beauty of this lies in the merging of three different waterfalls meeting in one place. Your mind would feel refreshing and mesmerizing by the beauty of nature. It was formed when the glaciers melt and Lake Erie started falling in Lake Ontario forming a  gigantic waterfall. The best sight of this waterfall could be seen through the Canadian side. You could take a taxi from Toronto to reach Niagara fall. If you want to see from the American side, you had to cross the rainbow bridge. Springtime would be the best time to see those falls when the flowers will bloom to their best. At night the visuals will look more splendid. 


niagara falls


       3. Victoria falls

 It is present in the Zambezi River in South Africa, between the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is considered to be the largest but not the widest or the deepest. The finest vantage point for the tourist would be an eastern cataract. Peak season March is the season of floods. January and February would be the season of droughts for this area. Experience the best of the Victoria fall, those splendid eye-catching visuals will touch your soul. Livingstone was the first European person to see this waterfall. This place is full of risk, so one must take some precautionary steps to avoid any unconditional harm. The surrounding area of this waterfall has been converted into a  national park. One could go for rafting and walking safari in this place. The vantage point to see this aw-aspiring waterfall would be from Zimbabwe.


victoria falls


      4. Kaieteur falls

 It is present in Guyana in the mainland of South America. It lies within the Amazon rainforest located on the river Potaro. It is about four times higher than Niagara Falls. Beauty lies in single drop waterfall rather than the steps as in most waterfalls. This mesmerizing beauty was first discovered by Europeans in 1870. Surrounded by the Amazon rainforest from all sides, it could reach the top through hiking. It is about 15 min walking distance from the airport. Best time to see those falls would be in summer monsoon which falls from April to September. In the nearby area, you could see plenty of wildlife in this national park.




      5. Gullfoss

 It is reckoned as golden falls, which is present between the deep cleft in the Hvita River in south-west Iceland. It flows down into a wide curved three steps staircase. Some years in the 20th century there was a speculation to generate electricity with the use of this fall. But, the idea went unsuccessful. This water carries a lot of sediments causing brown color. In winter, you will saw a spectacular view of glistening ice hanging from the cliff. It is part of the golden circle route of Iceland. It is the most beautiful and splendid waterfall in Iceland. This waterfall is always worth a watch. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach from Reykjavik by car. The best time to travel to this place would be in the cloudy season. The photographs in this cloudy season would add beauty in those photographs.




      6. Iguazu falls

 It is the waterfall that is present in the Iguazu River on the border of Argentine province Misiones and the Brazilian state Parana. It is reckoned to be the largest waterfall. The long edge divides the waterfalls into separate waterfalls. Surroundings of this place have been considered a national park. You just need to capture the panoramic visual in your camera. This would be the best, mesmerizing visual of your eyes that you have seen. The vantage point would be through the Brazilian side. You should go to a midseason from July to October which would handle a good climatic condition. This time witness the best climate of this area. Your mind will definitely get blown away with such eye-catching beauty of nature.




      7. Ban-Gioc Detian falls

 It is present between the international border of china and Vietnam present on the quay-son River. This is made up of a combination of two words for the falls one for the Chinese side and one for the Vietnam side. Ban Gioc is for the Chinese side and detain is for the Vietnam side. In the season after rain, this makes one fall with the pressure of water. But in the dry season, it seems that it is divided into two different waterfalls. This will become three different steps from where the water is falling. Waters drops from 30 m height about 98 ft and about 200m wide. This is the fourth largest waterfall after Victoria Falls. It is the home to very endemic species that are nowhere to found in the world. Known for its magnificent beauty it is one of the best waterfalls. To reach the falls you could take a flight to van don and then drive the rest of the distance. You could take a bus from ho chin min to the falls or take a train from there to Hanoi and then take a cab to the falls.



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